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META magazine is born

Paris Lees talks about her new magazine and forthcoming radio appearance.

As GT blogged earlier this week, Radio 1 will feature a three hour romp this Sunday all about sexuality. The Surgery with Aled’s special Sex Night is back and it’s going to be extra marvellous this year. That’s because, for the second half of the night, the conversation will turn to transgender. (It’s what the T in LGBT stands for. I know – who’d have guessed?)

I’ve been asked on to explain why “transgender” isn’t a sexuality, something which many people seem to struggle with. As I always say, sexuality is who you want to go to bed with (Mark Wright, you guilty pleasure you), but gender is who you want to go to bed as (me, preferably). Simple, right?

The trans community is lagging behind you gay lads in terms of social acceptance, but we’re catching up. Last month saw the launch of META magazine, a new digital publication made by the same clever people who publish GT and DIVA. We’re written by trans people and their friends for trans people and their friends. And indeed anyone who is ready for a grown up chat about gender – not something we see too often in traditional media.

The groundbreaking first issue features video content from My Transsexual Summer’s Lewis (the adorable one), fascinating features written from trans perspectives, tasty-trashy club glamour and much, much more. You may even get a glimpse of Lady Lloyd’s bum, and how often do you get to see that? Treat yourself.

And don’t forget to tune in this Sunday. I’m sure I’ll be an absolute scream but, if not, I’ll at least say something stupid and you can laugh at me, if not with me. I’m kind of cool like that.

Buy META magazine here

Words: Paris Lees, on twitter.

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