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Want to know what this #Kony2012 business is about?

Don't have 30 minutes spare? Read on:

Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Ellen DeGeneres are all being targeted by charity ‘Invisible Children’ to call out on their social media to #stopkony. Rihanna has already tweeted it, Stephen Fry has already tweeted it (even though, sadly, they didn’t ask him to), and George Clooney has already gone on air to discuss it. So why are Mother Monster and Lesbian du Monde taking their time with it, we wonder?

If you haven’t seen the video, you probably aren't on facebook, but here it is:

And if you don’t have a precious 30 minutes to spare, here are the essentials:

• Joseph Kony is an African warlord who was in Uganda (current whereabouts unknown) who is the top of the International Criminal Court’s hit-list

• This is because he abducted thousands of children and turned them into soldiers/sex slaves

• The US started to take note after a viral video campaign and sent in troops

• Support is waning over time as Kony hasn’t been found and brought to justice yet

• As the large amount of people in the world don’t know who the hell he is, there is a plan to get his name out there

• Plan – to wallpaper every major city in posters on the night of April 20th with pics of his name

• On Saturday 21st, people will wake up, go “Huh? Who is that?” Google him, and find out

• It is peaceful, no gangs, no booze, just an information campaign to get his name out there

• You can donate to the charity by buying things, but it's just as important to get his name known

• There are Kony 2012 campaigns all over the UK

If you want to get involved, there is the Kony 2012 London Facebook Group, Twitter page, and the event itself, as well as the website where all this is coming from.

Of you could just do what a lot of people have done and tweet Gaga herself asking her to send out messages on the matter. Your choice.

Words: Jake Basford

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