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At O2 Academy Brixton

Who else was surprised to learn that the NME Awards tour was to be headlined by indie pop upstarts Two Door Cinema Club over Metronomy?

Two Door and their brilliantly infectious festival music make for an absolutely worthy headliner but Metronomy may have been a more interesting and less obvious choice, and in the performance stakes, they outdid their esteemed colleagues with a sophisticated and technically flawless set.

Despite some critically acclaimed albums (and remixing for the likes of Goldfrapp and Gaga) commercial success has been a long time coming for Metronomy. And despite cracking the album charts with last year’s excellent The English Riviera, an album that comprised all of Metronomy's intriguing elements and abilities and none of their infuriatingly erratic, indecisive, almost schizophrenic qualities, we’d still argue they aren’t as known as they really ought to be.

Which goes to say that it was with pride we beheld the band take such a major step up for this tour, playing to a packed-out crowd. Albeit many within it evidently didn't know the band's work... They aced seven songs from the most recent record and four from Nights Out, concluding with their biggest single, the conceptually gorgeous The Look. The performance brought four blissful minutes of ethereal English summer to the Academy.

The set exuded a grown-up intelligence and an understated confidence that to most, was utterly magnetic, even if it didn't communicate with every boisterous teen in the venue. Especially in contrast to the confetti canon-blasting swagger and undeniable charm of Two Door, whose proceeding set was comprised exclusively of up-tempo numbers.

Although the title of show stealer goes to rising US rapper and GT interviewee (in the current issue) Azealia ‘I couldn’t give a fuck if I'm on the toilet while I'm on the phone being interviewed by you’ Banks, whose aggressively self-assured stage presence contributed to an eclectic but surprisingly effective line up.

To download Metronomy's album on iTunes, click here

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