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The Sex Surgery

Let's talk about sex, baby...

Did anyone listen to The Surgery with Aled’s special Sex Night episode on Radio 1 last summer? We did and we learned heaps about the great jigsaw puzzle that is bonking.

Of course, sex isn’t just about where you’d like to put your stuff. It’s about how you feel about where you put it. Or where you tell people you put it. Or how where you put it affects everything else you’ve got going on. It’s bloody complicated stuff. So Aled and his surgery team of medical professionals are back for The Surgery: Sexuality Night. It’s an extended three-hour show from 9pm – 12 midnight, 11 March on Radio 1.

Basically they’re there to answer your questions, quash your fears and give you a nice big cuddle but with words and radio waves. So feel free to ask them anything, (well not anything, please don’t call up for a cracking soufflé recipe because they’re medical professionals and they probably have servants for that kind of thing).

They’ll be dealing with all the big issues – coming out, bisexuality and its social complications. It’s not just for the gays or the lesbians or the straight people. They’ll even have a chat about whether we’re all somewhere in the middle anyway. Anna Friel and Channing Tatum both have some pretty convincing appeal if you ask me. So if you’re young and curious to know more then tune in. What was great about Sex Night is that you could ask about all the weird crazy things you could never mention in the lunchroom for fear of someone choking on their pesto pasta. Sexuality Night is the same deal; everyone’s listening, no-one’s judging.

It’s on Sunday with Aled (pictured)

Words: Clare Pennington

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