Dylan Jones

Countess Luann

Time for cocktail bars, Sunny Delight and Adam Rickitt

Summer’s here everyone! Nadine Coyle’s dusting off the phones in her PR office, it’s eleven degrees outside (ELEVEN) and people in gay clubs nationwide now deem the climes habitable enough to lope out and brave the blusters of the smoking area whenever those first death knells of “Mr Saxobeat” begin to chime.

And as any gay club habitué or career-confused member of Girls Aloud would tell you, Countess Luann’s Chic C’est La Vie is the soundtrack to your summer. Remember that mum of one of your friends at school, who always knew you were gay and gave you a knowing look whenever Adam Rickitt appeared on Corrie? She’d crack open a Sunny Delight and you’d both sit, legs folded, at the breakfast bar and talk conspiratorially about crockery and horses while “the boys” played football in the garden. Well, she’s just released a single;

So order yourself a mojito in the gardens of your favourite cocktail bar, languor in that balmy eleven degrees, and enjoy. Or in our case, open a Red Strip and lean out of the window.

Buy the single here.

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