Dylan Jones

Sam Sparro’s new music video is down with the kids

And we totally fancy him

When we last saw Sam Sparro he was pirouetting around with canes and top hats, his mind-numbingly pristine smile gleaming out at us from among psychedelic spangles on the cover the Guardian Magazine. But that was FIVE YEARS AGO. It was starting to look like he’d got lost among the shrubbery on Mykonos , or at least gained a few stone and packed it all in to man the cloakrooms at an obscure Australian gay pub called The Cattle Prod or something.

But now he’s finally dusted himself off, picked the olive tree leaves out of his hair, and put a single together. A refreshing respite from those laboriously languorous sullen old synths which seem to be par for the course these days, Sam’s new single The Shallow End sounds a little bit like small children bashing kitchen implements together. In a good way.  

As always, his voice is drippingly delicious, calling to mind viscous substances like honey globbing off spoons.  It’s all hedonistic and festivaly, and we can imagine hearing it at a house party midway through swigging a £2.50 bottle of Pinot and kissing a boy with dreadlocks called Xavier.(TMI - Web Ed).  

The video too is understatedly well-executed, with Mr Sparro taking a leaf out of The Lana Del Rey Music Video Manual (imagine if that was an actual object, we’re envisaging denim binding, Helvetica, and sepia pages). Rather than muscled dancers stomping around in warehouses, there are just twee, grainy shots of people doing Upper class bohemian things like playing expensive guitars and buying boutique ice cream. Sam makes several appearances too of course, with those sculpted cheekbones and those strong, mahogany forearms. But as we all know looks aren’t a factor; it’s about the music.

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