Make the most of Valentine's day

Valentine's Day may be something made up by the greetings card companies...

...but we've bought into it all hook, line and sinker.

Being a single guy on Val's day can be a little depressing, especially when everything out there is so 'couple' oriented and worse, couples everywhere just get extra smoochy.

I mean, last year, I was sat in a famous Soho gay bar (checking other Valentine loners out of course!) and someone got down on one knee to propose to his boyfriend. Talk about rubbing it in.

But before you shut yourself away in ritual hibernation, the good news is that here at GTDate, the month leading up to and after the big day is our busiest! So if you've been actively dating, but not yet found THE ONE, then you'll be happy to know that February, right through to the end of March is one of our busiest sign-up periods.

Add that to the super-cold weather we've been having here and New Year's resolutions not yet fulfilled, the pressure is mounting for thousands of guys out there to bag a boyfriend and as a result, a whole new load of potential partners are heading your way.

So take the time to give your profile and photos a spring clean and clear your diary as you want to make the most of the dates coming your way. In the meantime, here are some hints and tips to survive V day.

Find a friend

The first and most obvious thing to do is make sure you’re not sat at home feeling sorry for yourself. Some people don’t particularly care, but if you’re one of those who attach a lot of meaning and memories to the occasion, don’t wallow alone at home. Either get together with friends or even try to schedule a date for the night. Dating someone from the “maybe” pile means that you’re actively trying to put yourself out there and start your search with a positive attitude.

Make good use of time

If you can't get a plan in place and you’re stuck at home, use that opportunity to spend some quality time checking out the new blood on GTDate, The key is to remember that as long as you keep trying, you’re on the right track, even if results are not immediate.

Keep things in perspective

The most important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is just a day. By tomorrow it will pass and the sun will still rise, spring will still come and chances are you will find what you’re looking for.

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