Dylan Jones

Perfume Genius' new song Hood

It's a video with a white background and naked men, we're in

We love Perfume Genius (so much we gave it 4 stars in the next issue of GT, could've even been 5) but we’re not really sure what the meaning behind this new, totally hot, video is. But we’ve narrowed it down to three options:

A) A touching statement about how society judges gays

B) A fun and risqué installation by an art student with good connections and a penchant for Greek porn stars.

C) A steaming pile of pretension.

Either way it made us put down our organic humus and carrots and press pause on our Sex and the City series six DVD for a minute or so, which actually we also got a laugh out of because it’s the bit where Carrie trips over in Dior and we managed to catch her mid-sprawl. We like it when Carrie trips, it’s the same sort of guilty pleasure as seeing squirrels falling out of trees or small dogs banging their heads on coffee tables.  

Pre-order the rather brilliantly titled Put Your Back N 2 It here.

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