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Amanda Lepore is Doin It Her Way

Amanda Lepore’s at it again, tottering across ambiguous European cities, and ambiguous European men, in her video for new single Doin’ It My Way. Lyrically, it’s basically a bejewelled, be-varnished, flawlessly filed middle finger in the air to the mindlessly irony-free, mercilessly auto tuned school of mainstream pop. Our favourite bit is when she says “if you want it your way, go to Burger King.” [Insert crude and probably beneath us joke about Adele and Burger King].

As is to be fully expected from an Amanda Lepore video, our poor, conservative, advert-supported little Youtube window is bombarded with an inundation of heels and tassels and naked men barely in the first few seconds, and there are more silicon domes than the kitchenware section at Homebase [that one might’ve been beneath us too actually]. It’s all a complete mess, in the best possible way, an epilepsy-inducing melange of nudity, headdresses, lips, badly lit corridors, bits of paper with her name on that look like they were made hastily on Microsoft Word, and massive European super clubs:

We love the way that throughout, rather than engaging in any muscle-bound choreography or sitting on a boom-box making vaguely urban hand gestures, Amanda just sort of stumbles around grinning and looking pleased with herself, occasionally taking her bra off. Which is absolutely fine. Imagine if more music videos were like that. Imagine Florence Welch stumbling around grinning and occasionally taking her bra off. Brilliant.  

Doin' It Amanda Lepore's Way on Amazon.

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