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More adverts, but this time you’ll like them

There’s money in them there gays, there is.

This should be self-evident to anyone who’s ever hung around Fashion Week, where every homo hipster drips in designer. Or to anyone who has ever been to a gay bar on a Friday night, when the bar staff are making White Russians with white spirit as the bottles of voddy have been drunk dry.

According to the Office of National Statitics at least 1.5% of the population are gay, and as many of us are educated professionals with no dependants, our collective spending power is great.

The Pink Pound has long been recognised as a buying force. The Guardian reports that according to Out Now Consulting, gay men and women earned over £81bn in 2007 and that 40% of gay people "invested heavily" in new technology. We're also more likely to be found in the departure lounges at airports than our straight counterparts, (and people say that fruit doesn't travel...)

Now it appears that the advertising industry has cottoned on to this.

Online ads are (adopts Julia Roberts voice) big business, huge – with revenues jumping to £2.26bn in the first six months of this year.

Millivres Prowler Group, (MPG), owners of Pink Paper, Diva and the good ship Gay Times has launched the first online advertising network targeting the LGBT community. Working with Pink News, the Spectrum Ad Network will reach an estimated 600,000 unique monthly users.

Kim Watson, managing director of media and marketing at MPG said: “We are in a unique position to offer relevant, targeted and extensive coverage of this affluent and innovative consumer market place.”

So there you go, gays. Online advertisements, especially for you. This might that you escape the awful drivel from some company trying to sell you holidays to Faliraki but the ads for pants? They'll find you, oh they'll find you...

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Words: Andrew Gonsalves

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