Prowler is delighted to be in partnership with Lloydspharmacy, a leading community pharmacy and healthcare provider

Customers of Prowler and our sister store Expectations now have access to the Prowler Online Doctor, in partnership with Lloydspharmacy. Purchase genuine, quality treatment for erectile dysfunction, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of certain other health issues.

If you are nervous about seeing your doctor, or are pushed for time, the Prowler Online Doctor is an ideal means of obtaining reputable, trustworthy and medically qualified service.

Services available include the following:

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is extremely common but few men seek treatment, often out of embarrassment. This completely confidential service offers a convenient way to obtain treatment.

Premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation affects around 30% of men at some point in their lives. This discreet service will identify which products might be suitable for you.

Hair loss
Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects most men at some stage. This confidential service could help reverse hairloss or slow it down.

Sexual Health Tests and Treatments

Chlamydia (the most common STI) – tested via urine sample.
Gonorrhoea – tested via urine sample.
HIV – a convenient screen using a saliva sample (further testing may be required).
Silver Screen – a combined test for several STI’s.
Platinum Test – suitable if you have symptoms like discharge or a burning sensation when passing urine (tests for various conditions).
Man2Man – a test specifically for men who have sex with men. Testing for genital chlamydia and gonorrhoea, rectal chlamydia and gonorrhoea and throat gonorrhoea.

To utilise the Prowler Online Doctor, click here, to be taken through to the Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, where you can register your details and then select the service/product required.

You will be asked a short series of questions about your symptoms or condition. When you have completed the questionnaire, the answers are reviewed by one of a team of GMC registered UK based doctors.

The registration process takes about 10 minutes. Online Doctor will respond within 20 minutes during office hours.

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