Bob Henderson

Pulp @ Brixton Academy

Razzamatazz and a night on the town. Uh oh oh.

We would say that we're going to review the Pulp gig from last night, but that's the wrong word. We're the kind of fan that, when Something Changed came out on cd single in both Boy and Girl version, we bought both. Even though they had the exact same tracklisting (and spent an inordinate amount of time studying the Boy sleeve notes). So, being the first time we'd ever seen the band, it was always going to be amazing. High expectations and hormonal teenage nostalgia completely obliterated our critical faculties.

And it was amazing. All the hits were present and correct, but the real highlights were the fan moments (ten minute version of Wicker Man aside) like a really early launch into Countdown. And soon after, O.U. The kind of songs we'd forgotten were amazing and never thought we'd hear live.

It was during songs like Have You Seen Her Lately? and Bad Cover Version, it finally dawned on us why we are so obsessed with Jarvis Cocker. He's basically a really shabby torch song diva, dragged through a charity shop backwards. These two songs particularly are bitter, nasty 'well fuck you then', being gritty and dirty and glamourous all at the same time.

Much like their stupendous encore of THIS:

It was so good that we don't actually want to the band to reform properly. Selfishly we want to keep this gig memory, a nice happy well rounded end of an era, and leave it at that. No more Wicker Mans. Just the Razzamatazzes.

Start with His'n'Hers and Different Class, work your way up to This Is Hardcore, then skip back to Intro, Countdown and then you'll be ready for We Love Life.

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