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¡Ay Qué Horror!

CSS liberated XOYO last night.

We love a grotty East London basement, and we especially love one with a functioning bubble machine. CSS, the Brazilian party punk band took to the stage pulling out all the stops with an extended version of I Love You, their first proper foray into autotuned-synth-pop-trash. But still punky.

They romped through all their classic numbers (Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above was haplessly thrown in midset) such as Move, Music Is My Hot Hot Sex and Off The Hook. It felt like greatest hits tour, even though there were plenty of their new 'reggae-ish', though mostly brilliantly shouty, songs. The sound was a bit shit, but any technical problems were glossed over by Lovefoxx's cute damaged English, telling odd jokes about toe-may-toes. What really needed to happen was a big spontaneous foam party, but it was still one of the best shows we've seen with our clothes on.

If you're sick of listening to Lucky Day by Nicola Roberts, why not give City Girl a spin. We might have mentioned it before. It's basically a gay anthem that will never be:

We ran into Adriano in The Joiners Arms after the show and started raving about it. He said they wanted it to sound like Britney with 'shitty sythns', to which we screeched "AMAZING SYNTHS!" before shuffling off.

Also, we're not ones to gossip, but if we were writing the indie equivalent of Heat magazine, we would totally have a Spotted! column featuring Hannah the drummer from The Gossip diving in and out of the dressing room and the joiners, and boy-girl baile funk duo Tetine doing the rounds.

CSS's new album La Liberacion is out now. And it's proper good.

IMAGE: Mariana Juliano

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