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Need a place to stay in London? Part Two

We have a chat with Will the second of our hosts from - The Global homestay community. It’s over 70% cheaper than hotel chains meaning you can travel more, and a local expert will help you get the most out of your trip.

We asked Will about his experiences using

How long have you been using
Since May 2010.

Were you nervous at first?
More anxious than nervous that my first padder experience would be a flop.

Who would be your ideal celebrity houseguest?
Joanna Lumley

Tell us about your best/worst guest?
Honestly, I haven't had a padder from's so difficult to choose a best guest as I've been fortunate to host a wonderfully, diverse bunch of padders-long may that continue!

What top tips would you give someone who is thinking about using Crashpadder?
Give as much info on your profile page as you can. Make the most of your location, facilities, and yourself. Make sure you respond to booking enquiries quickly and block out days on the calendar that you don't want bookings. Decide whether you want to provide extras like breakfast, dinner, laundry or just a bed.
Once you have completed your profile page, ask for constructive feedback from a friend, and lastly have an open mind and enjoy the experience of sharing your home with potential padders!

Tell us a little about your pad?
It’s a stylish, private room with double bed overlooking a delightful communal garden in an immaculate, contemporary one bedroom flat. Daily housekeeping, fresh towels and bed linen, shower gel, hair dryer, ladies and men’s dressing gowns are all provided. You will share a cozy bathroom, shower, kitchen, living and dining room. Free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee available, plus free parking by prior arrangement

Host: Will
“A Cook Island/Scottish gay guy raised between Polynesia and Middle Earth with several kilts, appreciates and strives for a positively pro-active lifestyle, ex dancer who keeps reasonably fit by cycling and working out. I enjoy socialising but equally comfortable home alone pottering about. I’m addicted to red bush tea and chocolate is my guilty pleasure.
Music,art,buddhism,dance,fashion,vodka,photography,anthropology,sport,tribal culture, film, architecture, history, theatre, frangipani, current affairs, art deco and cuisine stimulate my senses.”

Will’s pad at a glance
• Cost: £35 GBP per person, per night
• Nightly price, 1st guest: £35 GBP
• Nightly price, each additional guest: £30 GBP
• Response rate: excellent
• Payment: Cash on arrival
• Room type: Private room
• Bed type: Double bed
• Sleeps: 2
The location:
Kings Rd, London
Check Will out at

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