Peter Lloyd

Amy Grimehouse's Golden Girls Night

(Betty) White Hot.

Tight perms, liver spots, cheesecake - you could be forgiven for thinking we're talking about life in the GT office, but actually we're referring to The Golden Girls.

Why? A) Because we can, B) As homosexuals it's our duty and C) London party duo Amy Grimehouse hosted an amazing GG-themed tribute in London's Book Club, last night - and we were there.

Having already hosted some smash-hit nights across the city, we knew it was going to be good – but weren't prepared for the dazzling army of Sophia Petrillos who greeted us on arrival. Belinda was right all along, heaven really is a place on earth...

Kicking off the night with some so-called Tranny Bingo, prizes up for grabs included cheesecake (of course), cream cakes and and other pensioner-associated goods (basically, the softer the better).Three classic episodes of the Emmy award-winning show followed - as voted for by attendees - complete with booze, banter and bonding. Comic bliss.

Previous Grimehouse nights have included John Waters specials and tributes to Australian favourites Kath and Kim, but surely none of them can compete with GG - especially as we managed to blag some of the posters for our office. Now, every day is golden.

Thank you for being a friend, Amy.

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