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We asked Miles about his experience using

How long have you been using
I started using Crashpadder in April this year

Were you nervous at first?
Initially, but it is very straightforward, and so far everybody has been great.

Who would be your ideal celebrity houseguest?
Well it would have to be somebody interesting but tidy - a historian like Tristan Hunt? Gethin from Blue Peter might brighten the place up, or best of all Matt Smith who plays Doctor Who?

Tell us about your best/worst guest?
I've not had any 'worst' guest - some are more shy than others, and just want to go to sleep. I loved having Jan and his Father stay from the Czech Republic- they saw the Queen on the first day of their trip, and we had a good pub crawl in my area. Matt and Craig from Australia were a real hoot - if they lived in London, I'm sure we would have been friends already - they don't have squirrels down under

What top tips would you give someone who is thinking about using Crashpadder?
Definitely buy some more bed linen, or you'll be washing all the time - also give people a chance - most of my guests didn't have any 'history'. As a guest listen to what your host suggests, especially about getting to your pad!

Tell us a little about your pad?
My pad is a one bedroom flat in a Victorian tenement building in leafy Lambeth/Kennington. It doubles as my library, and I've gone for a 1950s Retro boys bedroom look with Cowboy print duvet. There's a desk, en suite shower, little kettle and a TV and DVD player. I like to have Radio 4 on in every room, and outside there's a nature reserve and you can hear Big Ben

Host: Miles
“I’m a friendly guy likes walks, architecture, food and drink etc, trash TV and traveling anywhere you can get a double espresso.”

Miles’ pad at a glance
• Cost: £36 GBP per pad, per night
• Response rate: excellent
• Payment: Payment via Crashpadder
• Room type: Private room
• Bed type: Double bed
• Sleeps: 2
• The location: Kennington

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