Griff Robins

Are we going Dutch?

Fancy a weekend in Amsterdam? A lot of us do. The city consistently shows up as one of the top short-break destinations for UK gay men. And maybe it's not just the beauty of the canals, the legendary leather scene or those "interesting" coffee shops that attract us. It seems we have more in common with our clog dancing neighbours across the North Sea than we thought...

Amsterdam based gay dating site PlanetRomeo analysed the profile data of more than 600,000 users in 6 key European countries: France, Italy, Spain, UK, the Netherlands and Germany. They found that Dutch and British men had almost identical results! Creative pursuits scored high, with the arts, literature and music at the top of the list. German men meanwhile showed more interest in technical subjects, computing and cars.

Equally notable were differences between northern and southern European habits. In the UK, Germany and Netherlands we love to watch TV. Not so in France, Italy and Spain. Apparently our southern cousins have better things to do with their time than sitting at home in front of the box. Perhaps we can put this down to warmer weather and strong cultural traditions of going out. Or could it just be a symptom of bad TV?

Data Source:PlanetRomeo

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