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Two gays do Gran Canaria

If you haven’t been to Gran Can before a word of warning…

Don’t set your expectations too high, it’s everything you’ve heard and little bit more, but at the same time it has a certain charm that you won’t find anywhere else, think Blackpool but with more gays and guaranteed sunshine.

The options for accommodation are endless, like us you could go for a budget self catering apartment with a pool, and try and save some cash, but there are a million all inclusive deals, and gay only apartment complexes which would suit the tastes of the more distinguished traveller.

The main gay district is in Playa Del Ingles, around the Yumbo Centre, a touristy shopping centre by day, and bars, clubs, darkrooms and saunas by night, and there are more bars in Maspalomas.

• Visit Mystique Bar and have a drink with their resident drag hostess Abbi, she has the most amazing hair and you’ll have total shoe envy.
• Check out Fiction Bar. The boys in thongs serving drinks are hilarious, and they do some great drinks deals.
• Go for breakfast and Buddies, use the free wifi and get some top tips from the friendly bar staff.
• Check out the darkroom in Construction Bar on the ground floor, we advise not wearing flip flops for obvious reasons.
• Go to J’s Bar . It’s recently under new management, and the guys are so friendly, and if you are really nice they might give you free shots.
• Go to the gay beach, No 7 bar is amazing, just get a cab to Faro Maspalomas and walk down the beach for about 15 minutes.
• Pace yourself, or like us you’ll regret it.
• Something other than go to the Yumbo, there are Water Parks, extreme sports excursions, and plenty of other attractions, just visit the Tourist Information near the Yumbo.

• Trek through the dunes in the middle of day without any water, it’s terrifying enough down there anyway without having hallucinations as you turn every corner.
• Fall over in Tubos and lose your iPhone *cries*.
• Spend all of your money in the first 3 days, just take more than you think you’ll need.
• Do the cha-cha slide on stage in Ricky’s Bar if you’ve had 6 vodkas and have poor coordination at the best of times.
• Over indulge in free shots, they will be there all week.
• Drink the water unless your stomach is lead lined.
• Get sun burn and end up looking like marble cake.

Getting there
Get really cheap flights through a budget airline (, you’ll have more money in your pocket when you land that way. Check out your hotel on or you could end up staying in some roach motel. Also take a look at for cheap package deals.

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