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Albert Kennedy Trust launch amazing new video

Actually that kind of says it all.

Watch this, spread the word, AKT Now.

More details can be found here.

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Hundreds of thousands of Pounds raised for people living with HIV/AIDS goes to Crusaid Management who ALL KEPT their jobs after “Pain and suffering to alot of people…get another job” e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member PAID OFF with Charity money to keep quiet !!! Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member…..and HIV Staff after Trustees of Crusaid e-mail”We the Board of Trustees recognise the importance of stress management in the HIV Virus” “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer” ALL COVERED UP BY THE LONDON AIDS CHARITY SECTOR Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000 From: To:;; I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed. Robin Brady Chief Executive

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10/06/2011 21:24:37