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You Who!

It’s our obligatory preview of the new Doctor Who.

This dodgy iPhone photo basically sums up GT’s deputy editor – all that’s missing is a glass of wine (they weren’t allowing drinks into the auditorium).

Auditorium? Why yes, it’s almost Easter so naturally that mean’s we were at the Doctor Who press launch last night. Held at London’s Olympia (home to the nerdgasm that is The Doctor Who Experience) we downed wine in front of K1 while talking to Gareth Roberts about Kate Bush. Funny how you’d never imagine such a scenario yet there seems nothing strange about it at all.

ANYWAY. The opening two episodes of this series (which is being split in two halves, the first in spring, the second in the autumn) are quite incredible indeed. And while it’s absolutely the same show as it ever was it suddenly feels like something very different – something bigger, something scarier, something EPIC.

Who supremo and Sherlock writer Steven Moffat is clearly a genius. Opening with a two-part story (rumoured to be screened on consecutive nights over Easter weekend) he introduces a new – quite sinister – alien race and sets up a number of plots that are so exciting we actually still want to scream about them.

Obviously we’ll keep this spoiler free, but something so unimaginable happens that you might have to avoid all human contact until 23 April to avoid finding out what.


There was a Q&A with the cast afterwards, where they didn’t get to say very much (at one point there was even some whispering as to what they could and couldn’t talk about) but Alex Kingston looked amazing. Even better than she did as Moll Flanders. Karen Gillan gave good hair. Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill looked especially fit in suits. Hottest TARDIS crew ever?

We picked up some promotional postcards and posters too. Tweet us (@gaytimesmag) a photo of you wearing a fez and we’ll send stuff for the best ones…

You can watch some trailers below. And if you fancy reading a bit more about Mr Darvill then pick up the issue of GT out 20 April.

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