Peter Lloyd

Eliza Doolittle, bow ties and gays = Wrangler party success

Q) What do you get when you cross a pop star with cocktails and plenty o' fashion gays?

A) GT attempting to blend in at Wrangler's latest season launch.

But boy did we have fun trying! The denim giant hired a space in London's AIR gallery to kick-off their new Stunt campaign, which centers around Cass Bird's amazing photography of hot models crashing through windows – some even on fire.

Expect to see it on a high street near you soon.

Once we'd sneaked in through a service entrance via the back, we joined friends, musos and fashionistas to the beats of The Broken Hearts and Eliza Doolittle, who even threw down some Janelle Monae. Genius.

Naturally, the gays were there in full force, which is no surprise considering the people at W know how to throw a good bash. Bring on autumn/winter...

Check out: Photos by Will Cooper Mitchell.

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