Peter Lloyd

Pretty Polly

Fellow gays, this is a plea from the heart: please – for one Goddam second – switch off your i-pods.

Press stop on your Lady Gaga CD, turn off your Beyonce download and shut down that Jessie J playlist on Spotify. Yes, we know you love these divas. Yes, we know you think they’re a-mazing and, yes, we know they empower women by writhing around at the point of orgasm 23 hours a day. WE. GET. IT.

But, rather than fulfilling every cliche in the book until you die, why not listen to other music which is also good?
Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to step out of your comfort zones here – the performer is still female and attractive – but the difference here is that THIS ONE IS GENUINELY AMAZING.

Gents, let us introduce you to PJ Harvey.

For those of you that don’t know, here’s the skinny:
1) She’s cool.
2) She’s been around for ages and has always been cool.
3) She won the Mercury Music Prize in 2001.
4) She has a new album out called Let England Shake, which dissects British politics, war and national identity and yet still managed to get in the Top Ten.
5) Her new single is called This Glorious Land and here’s the new video.

We love it (and it's OK if you do too...)

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