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To be adept at oral sex, you’ve got to lose your gag reflex

Jay Brannan gives us some advice

You may remember us mentioning actor/singer/songwriterJay Brannan in the past. If not, then allow us to introduce you. Please meet our future husband – beautiful, talented and gay (it helps).

Now it has been noted that Jay’s songs do tend to veer towards the soul-searching ballad the majority of the time (not that we’re complaining, we all need to search our souls from time to time - ask Vonda Shepard).

However, in a rare lighter moment, Jay delivers some words of wisdom that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

You can see the original he recorded with the wonderful Margaret Cho here , but to be honest - as much as we love her - we’d much rather imagine his throat being lined with silk than hers.

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