Simon Pollard

Ever wanted see Isabella Rossellini's forced seduction by a duck?

Well, now you can. At the Natural History Museum. Although we’re sure there’s nothing natural about it…

Giving a whole new meaning to “the birds and the bees,” Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno videos have been doing the rounds for a while now.

Apparently educational and entertaining, but rather more bizarre and disturbing, the Blue Velvet star has made a series of films demonstrating the mating habits of all sorts of animals. Snails, cuttlefish, praying mantises, limpets – the list goes on. And on. She’s clearly loving doing it like they do on the Discovery channel.

And from now until October, you can see the films in all their cinematic glory at the Natural History Museum as part of their Sexual Nature exhibition.

Or you can just watch them all in the comfort of your own home
, where you can also find out what your Green Porno name is.

Mine’s Tiger Longfin apparently.

If your bestial curiosities still aren’t satisfied, pop down to the museum - as well as the films, there are loads of photos and facts about animal sex. For instance, did you know that a barnacle’s penis is 30 times the length of its body. Imagine…

In the meantime, here’s the promised Isabella-duck-rape video. Enjoy!

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