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Get yourself down to the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

So, the BFI launched the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival last night. It was the festival’s 25th Birthday so they had a little bit of a party. Well, you know us; we just can’t resist a whisky sour and a sausage roll. Or five. Throw in a cheeky bit of birthday cake and we’re yours.

Oh, they also showed us some sneak previews of this year’s films.

Now, we could tell you about the retrospective on the work of Charles Ludlam or the premiere of the BBC’s latest Sarah Waters adaptation (both of which look pretty amaze TBH), but we know the question you’re all dying to ask:

“Which films have hot naked boys in them?”

Well, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here’s our round-up of the festival films that’ll have you reaching for the tissues. And we’re not talking Beaches.


For fans of Mysterious Skin, Gregg Araki’s back with an apocalyptic story about an art student (Thomas Dekker – look at those eyes) lusting after his surfer roommate Thor (Chris Zylka – look at those pecs). And a cinema full of gays lusting after both of them, obv.

House of Boys

These boys know how to get us on side. A coming-of-age film set in a gay sex club? Well, if you insist. With a whole load of 80s tunes, strip routines, a cameo from Stephen Fry, and hot boys a-go-go including Steven Webb and the gorgeous Layke Anderson (someone in the office has those silver hotpants), it’s like they’ve filmed our wildest dreams.

Heartbeats (Les Amours Imaginaires)

Cute French boys doing rude things with marshmallows. Oh, there’ll be subtitles but somehow we think we might be too distracted to read them…

Unhappy Birthday

You’ll just have to take our word for it on this one as there are no trailers online, but in the clip we saw from this queer British horror film, there were two rather attractive naked men showering each other with bowls of freezing water. What more can you ask for?

And, saving the best for last:

Man at Bath (Homme au Bain)

Apparently this is “as much a celebration of porn actor François Sagat’s sculpted body as it is a tense examination of love and desire.” So basically just a porn star getting naked lots? Not that we’re complaining…

Unfortunately, none of the hot boys featured above were at the party last night, so we had to make do with a bunch of drunk young bankers. Again, not that we’re complaining…

Book your tickets over here.

Oh, and make sure you sign the petition to keep the BFI festival running.

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