Simon Pollard

So, Gaga's Born This Way video.

The tributes are rolling in. We're assuming you have the internet and have seen it.

Pink triangles, unicorns, spikey skin…OK, so by now, we’re sure you’ve all seen the official (like actually official, not just YouTube ‘official’) video for Born This Way. If you haven’t, here it is:

So what did you think? With its hot topless boys, the best dance routine since Single Ladies and a healthy dose of 80s sci-fi thrown in for good measure, it has to be said there’s something in it for every gay. Suffice to say, we loved it. You’ll be pleased to know that GloZell did too.

As did Robert Anton who was kind enough to film and narrate “>his reaction (a la 2 Girls 1 Cup) to the video.

If – like us – you’re wondering how to create Mother Monster’s look in time for your big night out at the weekend, worry not. There are already countless of make-up tutorials on YouTube. Our favourite comes courtesy of the rather sinister Glowpinkstah:

After all, there really is no other way to love yourself more than wiping your own vaginal goop all over your face. Gaga would be so proud.

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