Matt Buttell

We’re so over Valentine’s Day

The Russian city of Belgorod has cancelled Valentine’s Day ahead of Monday’s festivities. But this is nothing new to us gays: we’ve been canceling Valentine’s Day for years.

Before you start calling all of us here at GT Towers a bunch of cynical old queens (and we are), our disdain for The Big V this year isn’t based on the fact we have no one to snuggle up with (we don’t), but because some cretin just sent us this:

It’s part of the Mores for Gay series of postings and sees the ever-fabulous Daniel Leary (maybe not in that cardigan) discussing Valentine’s Day with Billy Myers. Yes, she who sang this:

That’s right: Kiss The Rain. One of the most depressing (and gayest) songs in yonks and the singer behind it is doling out Valentine’s advice to us. May as well take down the bunting now. Crack open the gin. Pop The Way We Were on. We’ll be All By Myself-ing it up a la Bridget Jones in no time.

Cheers Belgorod! We like your style!

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