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Bangkok Butterfly

Drag Diary #28

Sounds right up our street. What’s it all about then? Well, lady-boys of course. In fact it’s the classic Puccini opera Madam Butterfly with a modern *ahem* twist. And that’s quite a twist.

As a matter of fact Bangkok Butterfly is one of five operas about to open in rep (that’s on rotation for you non theatrey folk) as part of the newly established “Little Opera House” at the King’s Head Theatre.

We’ve been there, it’s nice, you’ll like it.

Anyway, we’ve got tickets to give away for performances on 25, 26 and 27 January, so if you think a bit of culture wouldn’t go amiss then you’d better drop an email to and enter yourself into the prize draw.

Or you can buy tickets yourself and check out their other four operas (including their critically acclaimed production of La Boheme - that's Rent to you and me) at

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