So, who watched Glee last night?

So, last night saw the long awaited second season of Glee to our E4 shores. Finally, the return of twentysomethings pretending to be teenagers! And the return of the somewhat warped, distant justification for gay men of all ages to do the same!

America got treated to more high camp singing and dancing action way back in September, while we (or, those of us who are computer illiterate) had to wait until January. Call us bitter, but that just won’t do, and a rather dull cast performance on last year’s X Factor did nothing for our baited breath.

And what a return. New man candy this season is new Glee clubber Sam - played by the ridiculously beautiful but ridiculously named Chord Overstreet. (A boy born for showbiz. Or, erm, named for showbiz.) You may recognise him as the blonde one nobody knew on that X Factor performance.

So now, for the next umpteen months, Gleeks across the country will be on the edge of their seats to find out what we can expect this season. Can it beat boyfriend swapping, teen pregnancy and Madonna themed episodes? Don’t read on if you don’t want the surprises ruined…

Answer: Yes it can.

In just the second episode of Glee, we have a Britney themed episode. Britney will appear in the Glee clubber’s fantasies as we are treated to Britney classics such as Slave 4 U, Me Against The Music, Stronger, Baby One More Time and Toxic.

In episode five, Glee gets even camper (if that’s possible) and embarks on a Rocky Horror themed episode. In yet another bid to win the heart of germ-phobic guidance counsellor Emma, Will Shuster partly forces the singing group into putting on a production of the musical. However the high schoolers are a little nervous about being caught in their tighty whities. And who will play sweet transvestite Frank Furter?

You’ll be surprised and possibly annoyed at who they choose to take on the iconic role, but Chris Colfer as Kurt makes an amazingly convincing Riff-Raff. Kurt also gets a boyfriend this season! Wait until you see who!

Guest appearances by Gweneth Paltrow can be expected, while rumours of Neil Patrick Harris returning are doing the rounds.

It’s looking like Glee season two has been worth the wait. We’re already in our William McKinley High School cheerleader outfits and ready to belt out songs at any given moment. Move out the way Rachel Berry.

Stacey Cosens

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