Today (We're Lovin' Enrique)

We could have said 'F***in' but it would have been a lie

So. 2010 gifted us with the sight of Glambert grabbing the crotches of male band members at an awards show (hot), a defeated looking Christina licking the air in the direction of her female dancers on the X Factor (not so hot), and Gaga doing sexy nun and doing group bondage with men in heels (frankly, we still don't know what we're meant to feel about that).

And five days in we've already got a contender for most shockingly sexual pop moment of 2011.

It comes courtesy of the brooding Spanish lothario that is Enrique Iglesisas, who has just dropped the video (see exhibit A) for his new single. It's called Tonight (I’m Lovin' you), and there's another version doing the rounds that swops the word 'Lovin' with 'Fuckin'. *Clutches pearls with shock*

In it, we see Enrique hanging about in a club with lots of naked ladies, before retiring to the toilets for some sexytime with a mysterious blonde (not Anna Kournikova this time).

Then he’s off on his holidays, for what can only be described as, erm, an orgy. If you squint your eyes it could be a classy gay porn flick. It’s far and away his most explicit video to date, and his videos are always pretty sexy: remember when he would routinely grind with famous ladies like Kournikova, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and erm, Whitney for his promos?

But the best thing about the video is we get lots of shots of the hottie looking forlorn and edible, and also working nautical-chic on a boat, which might help you overlook the damning evidence that he’s not for turning. It too almost makes up for the way his T-shirt in the video for his Whitney duet made him look like he had a woman's cleavage (see exhibit B). We haven't forgotten.

In the song Enrique sings “Please excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but tonight I’m fucking you.”

Don't try that chat up line at home kids.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Stacey Cosens

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