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Because we just have to move on and accept the fact that Mini Viva are no longer with us, musically.

It's been a while since we've done a post about being drunk on the frontline of entertainment journalism. Probably because there are fewer band showcases and album launches involving buckets of booze, a light display from Chicago and REALLY REALLY LOUD MUSIC.

Anyway, there was one last night for your new favourite girl band PARADE. They're like your old favourite girl band (The Dolly Rockers) but better.

We actually had a bit of a Stine Bramsen ("the girl from Alphabeat") moment and became instantly obsessed with Bianca. She is 'The Nadine' of Parade, being the one that can really sing and do all the highnote squiggly bits, and she can play the keyboard with two hands. They all dance, they can pull off an acapella and they've lived together for a year. A WHOLE YEAR. They mean business. Each of the girls had a cocktail in her honour - we only remember Biancas (honey vodka and ginger beer) because we stole* the sign for it and she told us she didn't like her own drink.

We can't share you their music yet, (they're not this Parade) but we can vaguely remember atleast two balls out banging pop songs, one of them may or may not have been about Rollercoasters. We remember one girl looking a bit like Amanda from Ugly Betty. Oh, and they ALL wore sequins. All in all it's very good news if you like hi-NRG girl bands.

UPDATE: Bianca is the blonde one in the middle. Doing all the singing.

*we say 'stole', we actually asked very politely and with slurred words and the bar staff said we could take it. After much mockery along the lines of "Aww do you fancy her?". Yes yes whatever give it to me.

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