Keep an eye on him!

Swedish infamous writer based in Berlin, writer and the editor of the Destroyer Magazine. Many homosexuals, including the national LGBT org in Sweden, denounced the magazine as "filth" and "distasteful", words that were often used by homophobes against homosexuality. The magazine was also banned from certain LGBT venues in Stockholm, and reported to the police. Destroyer contained many photos of boys and young men. Those who reported him to the police obviously considered that child pornography. As for the gay men who spoke out against Destroyer, many argued that the magazine gave gay people a bad name by implying they be sexually attracted to teenagers. That's why he was dubbed "gay men's worst friend" in the media. He released the book - it’s in Swedish - if you'd rather read in English you should wait for the English translation, scheduled for release early next year. The book is called “Bögarnas värsta vän - historien om tidningen Destroyer”, which translates as “Gay Men’s Worst Friend - the Story about Destroyer Magazine”.

Words: Bartek Fetysz

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