How do they do it in Poland.

Rafalala is a transgender Polish “poet with the dick” as she’s describing herself. She became very important for contemporary art in the country and crossed many taboo subjects. She’s been proclaimed one of the most charismatic, most interesting performancers at the local gay scene and she’s the author of the movie I Bóg Stworzył Transwestytę (And God Created Transvestite, 2008). Rafalala tried to cast a ballot in parliamentary elections in 2007 in front of Polish and German TV cameras but at a polling station in Warsaw, she was not allowed to vote because of her “female dress” which matched her double identity. This represents an apex of political and gender performance in Poland. She’s a mix of humour, class and sex-appeal. Take a look at her parody of the Sex and the City intro that was taken in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

You may not like her, but you can't deny she has become an important voice of gay people and... she knows the good sex.
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Words: Bartek Fetysz

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