A Brief Christmas Gift Guide: Part Two

The Radox Edition

So. Today, we’re proposing you three kinds of Radox bath essentials: two different Deep Clean Shower Scrubs and the Invigorating Showergel plus Shampoo. I have no idea why but when I see caption ‘deep’ or ‘deeper’ on the bottle I immediately want use it these guys. Is that some kind of perversion?

Designed especially for men, by men (we assume), the producer promises to revitalise your senses and make you feel happy. And what with the Christmas period often bringing with it an ascending number of suicides we can't think of a better set of brightly coloured inductees into our Brief Christmas Gift Guide!

Both smooth-textured shower scrubs are great quality and smell incredible, but my choice would be definitely the lime and ginger: sensual, warming and sporty to the refreshing and cold fragrance of the watermint and sea minerals. The price is about right too: £1.75 for a 250ml bottle.

The third option of the set is the Invigorating Showergel and Shampoo in one. Its scent reminds me of green tea fragrances which I've always found perfectly soothing. It contains active skin conditioners, which are proven to leave your skin feeling softer and smoother and smelling fresh and clean. In bonus it is pH balanced, which means that it is kinder to the skin and can be used by everyone. If you dream about the lime burst in the morning, you need to have it in your bathroom.

Bartek Rytkowski

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