Bob Henderson

Farewell, dearest Katie

We loved the Waissel, and wait with bated breath for her West End debut.

Someone who hadn't seen the show in the office (don't worry, we just gave them a verbal warning) said "I heard she had a really dignified exit". True, she didn't sing. She'd already clocked up more stage time than any other X Factor contestant from continually turning up in the bottom two, which means she has an album ready to roll now. It should be called "My exit music, please" - which reminds us, get her a role in Chicago, pronto. She's a right Roxie Hart if ever we saw one.

Her King of The Swingers is what we want her to be remembered for. We're even thinking of going to G-A-Y just to see her, if she promises to do this...

Katie, we love you and all your fake multiple personalities. See you soon,



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