Matt Buttell

Hello Dolly!

Football and Barbie: it doesn’t get much more polarised for a gay man does it?

As kids we were generally just scared of football, and yet we longed to play with our big sister’s (or our own) Barbies. Admittedly we’d also like to play with a few footballers (’arf ! ’arf!), but you see our point.

Imagine our glee then to discover that these two worlds have now collided with such spectacular fashion that glam-o-rama department store Selfridges, London, is all over it.

Now featured in the store’s Wonder Concept Room is French designer Chloé Ruchon’s Baby Foot, French for “table football”, which she made as her final project as a student at The Decorative Arts School in Strasbourg.

Basically it’s a table football set where all the butch, plastic meathead men have been replaced by an army of blonde Barbies on one team and brunettes on the other.

This means us dandies can finally embrace the joys of (table) football and impress that cute straight boy on the Tube, while still enthralling ourselves with all the hair-whipping action we can get, courtesy of 22 perfectly-aligned-dolls-in-sportswear.

Who’s up for a friendly?

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