Matt Buttell

Strictly Come Camping

There’s just something glorious about Strictly Come Dancing.

While The X Factor may be the main course of the Saturday night feast for the eyes, Strictly has carved a niche for itself as quite a hearty little appetizer. And this series has been decidedly camp.

From Bruno Tonioli’s hedonistic screech of “Scott!” after every dance Scott Maslen does, to professional dancer Robin Windsor’s suspiciously low-cut vests, it’s all getting very gay-friendly over at Strictly HQ.

This series also gave us this literally wonderful moment where Pamela Stephenson – she’s both a clinical psychologist *and* Billy Connolly’s wife, which is just a head-fuck of a claim to fame by anyone’s standards – danced the salsa. Aside from doing a relatively bang-up job, there’s a moment where, due to pure dizziness from all that hectic spinning, she nearly takes a tumble. The incident happens around 01:20

For a split second it’s a bit like watching your Auntie Val dance at your cousin’s wedding. Still, she is 60.

What’s more, this week is a biggy for the show, as the remaining contestants make their annual pilgrimage to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom while Pudsey Bear runs amok in BBC Television Centre. The bastard.

As such, we have spent the morning pouring ourselves over the Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Annual, which has apparently actually been in the office for weeks, just hidden under piles of sweeties. Oops.

Strictly Come Dancing, we salute you!

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