Bob Henderson

We've waited FOURTEEN YEARS for this news.

PULP are back! back! back! Time to dust off the charity shop velour smoking jackets.

In what has miraculously turned out to be the best Monday morning in the history of wet, miserable, windy Monday mornings ever, it has been announced that Pulp are reforming and doing some shows in 2011.

For those of you born post Britpop (*sob*) here's the classic song everyone knows them for:

(could politicians lay off this song please, ta)

We can't count the number of times we've emptied a room singing Help The Aged, even one containing Mika. And on the slim chance you get us to do an non-pulp song, it will end up sounding like a Pulp one.

Here's the PulpPeople website, full of Cocker-esque questions. We'll see you down the front.

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