Bob Henderson

Uber gay Europop has even gayer video, featuring twinky porn supremo Brent Corrigan

Some like it rough.

You see, the song is called Like It Rough. And some of you out there will find it hot....

We'll be honest, not our type. But still, kudos for upbeat out singers, making gay films and roping in porn stars for pop videos.

Who are we kidding, it's dreadful. Nil points for the tired vamp schizz. In fact, all this talk of twinks and dodgy horror, reminds us that Belle Amie from X Factor are with us no more. Hurrah!

This clip came from Electroqueer which as well as being a top notch music blog, is the host of a live music night. And talking of 'our type', the next one is on 15 November and has THE REASON headlining. Or as we like to call them, THINGBOX - THE BAND. Muchos hotness all round (and just you wait til you seem them naked in our next issue....)

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