Peter Lloyd

Annual Wrangler blog alert:

Let's face it, autumn and winter trounce summer in the fashion stakes - and the lovely people at Wrangler proved it last night.

The denim giant launched their new season's range with a party in central London, last night and - naturally - GT's inner kleptomaniac came to the fore. While staff were busy unpacking boxes and attending to real journalists from Vogue et al, we were busy doing a Winona Ryder and walking out with clothes stuffed under our coat. Result.

Our first triumph was this black, blue and white checked shirt which is fitted to perfection. Mmm, Nice.
The other was a pair of slim-fit black jeans which A) actually give thin guys an arse and B) look slim, but tot too skinny (a look which is actually on the way out, according to GT's style editor...)

You heard it here first.

For more info (or to buy us stuff for Christmas) visit:

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