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In all the X Factor mania (see our Twitter) it’s always good to look back at previous winners. Well, mainly the hot ones – Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson and, of course, Joe McElderry. And at least Joe’s one of ours.

We asked him to describe his new album Wide Awake (which we love) track by track, in one line. You know, we’re busy, we don’t have time to hang around and all that.

He said: Ambitions is fun and fresh, a feel good song.
We said: Actually amazing. Scissors Sisters and Mika (but in a good way). We don’t care that it’s a cover of a song by Donkeyboy. We may or may not have learned the dance.

He said: An emotional, uptempo ballad.
We said: Sounds like Wham. In a good way. Not a ballad by our standards Joe, it’s actually poppy and toe-tapping. Toe-tapping, can we say that? Or is that making us sound old? We’re not.

He said: A fantastic song, in a very meaningful way.
We said: This is more of your traditional ballad. Some quite touching lyrics (you know, if you’re sentimental like that). Probably one that the twinks will associate with over a first love. Not that we’re bitter.

He said: A kind of happy, happy, singalong song.
We said: AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Nerina Pallot cover, total Scissor Sisters o’clock and has the lyric ‘you’d be kissing my ass right now’. *raises eyebrow knowingly*

He said: Dance, big dance tune that everyone you can dance to.
We said: The one with the George Michael sample. A bit like a Kylie track (but a good one, not one of the recent ones). He’s right, it is a big dance tune.

He said: Reminds me a bit of the Alphabeat song Fascination. They’re all just ‘feel good’. You know? That’s another fresh pop song, a fresh pop song.
We said: It does very much sound like Fascination. Someone please do a mash up.

He said: Electro and feel good. Feel good again!
We said: “I can feel it deep inside of me”. That’s a cheap gag, sorry. Sometimes we just have to roll with the cheap gags. In other news, this is again like a Scissor Sisters/Kylie collaboration (but again, a good one). It also sounds a teeny tiny bit like Islands In The Stream. But maybe that’s just us.

He said: I love that song. That’s a big power ballad. It’s just a very, very meaningful song.
We said: This is like something Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus or Aly and AJ would do. Obviously we mean that in a good way. Again it’s not that slow a ballad.

He said: Smile is just a happy song. Whenever I hear Smile I wanna smile! (Laughs) It’s a very smiley song.
We said: It’s a bit like a Take That song. Not a ballad, but not a dance track. Bit of a summer vibe.

He said: Love is war is, kind of, its kinda like, really easy listening and fun. It’s quite an edgy song.
We said: Another George Michael-esque number with a poppier chorus that has some rather nice effects on it.

He said: That’s just been a massive part of my journey that, I love that song.
We said: Did you ever get to speak to Miley Cyrus about that?
He said: I didn’t actually no.
We said: Were words had?
He said: (Laughs) There weren’t, no.
We said: Damn.

Joe McElderry’s debut album, Wide Awake, is out now.

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