Gay poets steal the show at this month's SpeechMotion

Catherine Brogan, Ernesto Sarezale and SuperPennie are part of the Shoreditch take over.

So, where do you go to get your fix when it comes to naked men or sexy Irish accents? How about SpeechMotion this coming Tuesday, which is run by msft, somewhere among the chic streets of Shoreditch.

Catherine Brogan is the funniest little Irish poet I've ever met (ignore the fact I've not met all that many) and will have you leak a little on your seat as you hold out going to the toilet in case you miss something. As host of the evening, she has the tough job of levitating in an attempt to hold your attention.

Oh, hold on... levitating isn't part of the deal. Well on the ground or above it, you'll want to hear what she has to say.

Guest performer of the evening is the one, the only... (drum-roll please) Ernesto Sarezale! This man is sure to get all you lads a little hot under the collar. Want to know why? Lay your eyes on this beauty.

This guy holds the Erotic Award crown for this years Poet of the Year, having been a staple of the alternative gay scenes, wandering into many a club (like Horse Meat Disco) dressed in his birthday suit. Now, if you can bare to tear yourself away from your monitor for long enough, you have the opportunity to see him perform in the flesh.

Oh, and as a cheeky bit of self promotion, SuperPennie promises to entertain you a little if you come to the show (yes, that would be me).

As if all of this wasn't enough for you, there will also be a couple of short films interspersed between these fine acts. In fact, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a show stopper there's always the opportunity for a bit of open mic or open screen if you want to bring a short film along. Just make sure you get there mega early to sign up.

SpeechMotion is on every last Tuesday of the month. Doors are at 7pm at The Horse and Groom, Curtain Road, Old Street. London, obviously.

Words: Pennie Varvarides

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