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Flashdance the Musical: Welding, stripping and a whole load of gays

Celeb Spots

*Takes deep breath*

Louie Spence, Jason Gardiner, Duncan James, Craig Revel Horwood, Aaron Renfree, Samuel Barnett, Brian May, Anita Dobson (AMAZING!), Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jason Donovan we could keep going but we won’t.

Basically they all turned up to watch the Flashdance the Musical last night. We did particularly enjoy Maniac, and obviously What a Feeling (sadly we forgot to pack our leotard). Matt Willis from Busted is in it (totally would), and we wouldn’t mind seeing Sam Mackay who plays Jimmy in a pair of short shorts and some leg warmers.
We don’t think Louie Spence liked it though. He was sat behind us and he left after the first act, last seen pirouetting in search of a VIP area. Aaron Renfree (the one from S Club Juniors that got fit) was sat behind Brian May and Anita Dobson. We wonder if he could see anything over all that hair. Craig Revel Horwood had a really nice bag which we got caught eyeing up.

Finally just because we can…

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