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Beautiful boys in Berlin

To us, Christopher and His Kind meant boys.

Well, when you're watching lots of very attractive men making out on the big screen you can't help but think of it that way. But, this BBC movie about the Berlin life of writer Christopher Isherwood (based on the book of the same name) is so much more than just salacious, hot, sweaty sex scenes (yes, there's a few. Luckily we had a big coat on our lap).

Yes, another night another glamorous event. This time it was the BAFTA screening of Christopher and His Kind, where once again we were greeted with a kiss from the films star Matt Smith and a very strong handshake from the far-too-beautiful Douglas Booth (who's now sporting some very agreeable stubble).

We've said before that it's the most important 'gay' film you'll see all year and we stand by that - especially coming at a time when the BBC have come under fire for their representation of gay and lesbian people (on that note, check out Lip Service which has just started on BBC Three). Christopher and His Kind is an incredible production, worthy of a cinematic release.

Kevin Elyot's script is both hilarious and heart-breaking (we tried not to cry), Geoff Sax's direction is far grander than anything you'd expect from a made-for-TV movie and the boys - oh the boys - thanks to whoever did the casting.

Unfortunately when we said it was the most important gay film you'll see all year (in our exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the movie, which you can still pick up here) we didn't realise we meant 2011. Originally supposed to be screened in October, it's now looking likely to be shown on BBC Two in the New Year.

Still, here's a fabulous trailer to keep you going.

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