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A Christmas Tropicana

We were supposed to write about this yesterday but we’ll be honest. There was a hangover. A ruddy massive hangover and it was ALL Annie Lennox’s fault.

Actually, she wasn’t exactly holding our nose and forcing drink down our throats (though that would be like something out of Bad Girls and therefore amazing) but you know, if you’re going to launch your album in an intimate venue, deck it out like a Dickensian Christmas and basically just have booze and festive treats everywhere – well who are we to say no?

(NB We don’t say no very often).

‘Why a Dickensian Christmas?’ we hear you shrill. Well hunch and up and we’ll tell you. Annie’s signed to a new record label and her first offering is A Christmas Cornucopia, 11 traditional Christmas carols with her own unique twist, plus a new original recording by La Lennox.

We love Christmas and we love Annie Lennox. Sold.

So, real Christmas trees everywhere, fake snow, mulled wine, turkey and cranberry nibbles – all amazing. Except there was something up with the aircon and one of us had to nip off to remove their tights (don’t worry too much, we took a lady friend from Diva magazine).

But it was all worthwhile (obviously). After we’d listened to the album and downed some more mulled wine, Annie came out to perform a very intimate live set of some of her greatest hits. Sat at her piano she apologised for the heat and explained that ‘the old lady doesn’t perform much these days’ before breaking into incredible renditions of There Must Be An Angel, Little Bird, No More I Love You’s, Here Comes The Rain Again and Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.

One of us screamed, one of us cried. No we’re not telling you who.

And then we kept on drinking as they served mince pies. So that’s the Annie Lennox album launch for you. Did we mention that we love her?

A Christmas Cornucopia is out 15 November. See

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