Darren Scott / Editor

“Get up to anything interesting last night?”

Well yes actually, we got fired down the Thames in a speedboat. Obviously.

Sadly it’s not our normal mode of transport (though we’re considering it, roaring down the streets of Dalston, then those bitches would MOVE) it was all a publicity stunt for the launch of Wilkinson Sword’s new Hydro range.

What, you think we were going to get dressed up in life jackets and orange clothing if there wasn’t a promise of champagne at the end of it?

It did, however FINALLY give us the chance to re-enact THAT scene from Spiceworld: The Movie. *ticks off life list*

After we’d clambered off – not a hint of elegance, but thankfully no-one fell in – we made our way to the ever so cool Design Museum to see all kinds of innovative new facial skincare products, and two specially designed razors (one with three blades, one with five). Apparently this range has been “six years in research and development” – we can’t comment on that, but we did get a shave (of the face, thank you) and it was rather good. Can’t say fairer than that.

Like the misbehaving children we are, highlights came in the form of one of the speakers being called Tiffany (simply because we were willing her to “do the song”) and when another speaker referred to razors as raisins. Yes, we’re that easily amused. The term “manxiety” became an immediate favourite, but nothing was going to top the Harley Street consultant who, when talking about ingrowing hairs deadpanned “that’s nasty.” Yes, you really had to be there and you probably had to have had a few glasses of champagne. Sorry.

In true GT style we didn’t know when to say no and decided a nightcap at our regular haunt, The Joiners, was called for. This ended up in Abba-meets-Pulp karaoke and chips with cheese. And a nightbus. It’s not all glamour you know.

So exclusive it’s not even generally available yet (apart from the goody bag we slung drunkenly at the flatmate) you can get more details about the Hydro range here.

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