Peter Lloyd

Holding out for a (Wrangler) hero

Yep, Wrangler love us! Well, sort of - they keep throwing girls' jeans our way.

Except this time they went one better and chucked in a few other items from this season's range, including this cute-as-a-button grey hoodie. (*cue revelation that A) We can can fit into it, despite its new slim-cut design and B) we DO suit clothes that don't contain sequins)

We like.

That said, we still reckon their girls' jeans are the best for blokes who like their skinny jeans fitted, but not spray-on, as their current range proves.

All we need now is a copy of Ga-Ga's three-tier white BRITS dress and we're sorted for Spring. Hmm, now where *is* that Wrangler press office number...

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