Peter Lloyd

GT posing with Sir Ian McKellan

Normally, Sunday nights make us want to kill ourselves - but last weekend was a turn-up for the books.

Sir Ian McKellen was in town to support a charity fundraiser for the Albert Kennedy Trust (which meant loads of gays in suits at swanky members club Cavendish No.5. - after all, it was held by the, err, Interlaw Diversity Forum).

A bottle of Sancerre later and GT was in full flirting mode with the Lord of the Rings star - which clearly worked, because the actor's hand very quickly found itself around our waist.

McKellen aside, our highlight of the night was when DJ Jodie Harsh turned up to encourage auction bidding - only to be silenced by an electrical fault on her microphone (cue red-faced stage exit, wagging fingers and much teeth-knashing). Now that's what we call karma.

But despite our healthy cynicism, the evening did raise £15,000 for homeless teens - although we suspect that mostly came from people paying NOT to turn Harsh's mic back on.

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