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Saudi Arabia: stop persecuting queers

Gay men sentenced to 7,000 lashes...

Protest against potential death sentences...

On the 2 October 2007 two young men in the Saudi Arabian city of
Al-Bahah were reportedly convicted of 'sodomy' and sentenced to 7,000
lashes. In Saudi Arabia same-sex relations are illegal and the maximum
penalty is death.

7,000 lashes is a form of torture, calculated to cause maximum,
prolonged suffering. So many lashes can be fatal, depending on how
many are delivered at any one time.

To protest against the persecution of queers in Saudi Arabia , the
National Union of Students LGBT campaign is organising a protest
outside the Saudi Embassy in London this Friday. The protest is
supported by LGBT human rights group OutRage! Peter Tatchell is a
guest speaker.

The protest comes ahead of the State Visit to the UK of the
bloodthirsty Saudi tyrant, King Abdullah bin Abdul Azaz al Saud, on 30
October 2007

Mr Tatchell said: "The British and US governments support the
despotic, corrupt Saudi regime. As well as flogging and executing gay
people, the Saudi leaders are guilty of detention without trial,
torture and the public beheading women who have sex outside of
marriage. Migrant workers are de facto slaves. The media is heavily
censored. Trade unions, political parties and non-Muslim religions
are banned. The country is a theocratic police state," he said.

"We call on individuals and groups, LGBT or otherwise, to protest
against the continued criminalisation, imprisonment, torture and
murder of LGBT people in Saudi Arabia," said Scott Cuthbertson, NUS
LGBT Officer.

"We will be handing a letter of protest to the Saudi Ambassador, HRH
Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, calling on his Government to respect the
human rights of its own LGBT citizens. Please join us in the struggle
for Love without Borders - LGBT rights around the world - and make
your views known to the Saudi Ambassador on Friday."

"This year NUS LGBT Campaign is campaigning for 'Love without
Borders'", added Claire Anderson, another NUS LGBT Officer.

"Around the world, LGBT people are persecuted, imprisoned and even
murdered in state-sponsored homophobia. We live in a global community
and no longer can we stand by while LGBT people are persecuted. Now is
the time to use our freedom to fight for the rights of others across
the globe. When abuses of human rights take place we must not be

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What about the London HIV/Aids Organisation that sent a e-mail F*** OFF to a London HIV Charity copied into The Met Police or the Gay Staff at Bankrupt Aids Charity UKC re-paying the £200,000-00 lost on failed events...Oh Peter Dearest ?

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This is a test

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