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Review: The 2 Bears at London's Electrowerkz

Taking over Electrowerkz with Sink The Pink...

The place was full to bursting, the capacity crowd rammed into the small upstairs confines of Electrowerkz where we’re more accustomed to seeing navel gazing folk troupes. Once we were so bored by an act we spent the whole gig in their train-bar hybrid terrace outside. Good times.

Muscling our way into the 2 Bears gig during their opening number was a completely different experience. Their music was pounding the tiny space, and the party was already in full swing by the time we got there. And adding a touch of trashy glamour to the event, the Sink The Pink queens came out to play - Glynn, Amy, JonBenet Blonde and another one (Joe was it? we didn’t catch her name).

In a crowd swaying appreciatively to The 2 Bears mix of very poppy club music, we tried counting them bears, and there were definitely more than two of them – though they took up the main vocal duties. There were plenty of real bears in the audience, by which we mean of the screaming homosexual variety, whistles a blowing. What’s so great about their show, and we were actually surprised at just how good it was if we’re being honest, is that everywhere you looked people were smiling. Actual enjoyment was being had. That is the whole 2 Bears raison d’etre, to radiate in sound and everything they do, one simple thing - joy.

Their penultimate song was our personal favourite, Bear Hug, which everyone was on stage for dancing their big haired feet off to. Glynn Famous gives really good serious face when doing those synchronised moves. Which reminds us, here’s the video for that song, which is still an under-rated work of homoerotic genius:

Words: Bob Henderson, @bobchicalors

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